My Mother-In-Law Just Wants Attention And Control, So This Is How She's Wrecking My Life

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 3 May, 2017

For every girl, her wedding is the most awaited day of her life. That is the day when she would be the center of attention, dress up like a princess, sit next to the man who’ll love her for the rest of her life. Every girl dreams of a Bollywood wedding from her childhood; where she is the heroine and her husband, the hero. 

However, normal life is far from this. In the lives of normal people, husbands aren’t heroes. The problem arises because the husband is often forced to choose between the family and the newly wed wife. He struggles to give both of them importance.

And then there are the mother-in-laws; they never openly say what the problem is but subtly make the son understand why his wife doesn’t make a good fit. They will love you in front of the son so that he believes that his mother is not the villain in the house. This hypocrisy never stops because the stupid sons are blind enough to believe everything they say.


I think, to have a mother-in-law who loves their daughter-in-law as much as their own daughter is a myth. That's when you realize the value of your family and your mother.

No matter how much her son irritates me, there is nothing wrong with him. If I cry, there is no shoulder that I can lean on.  The most crucial question is, “is my son feeling bad?”

If her son is hurt then it’s my fault. I am the reason why he is unable to concentrate on work and I am also the reason why he has become so thin. She makes food according to what her son likes. She’ll never let me cook for her son and when I do, he compares it to his mom’s cooking or more so, calls up his mom and asks her to teach me how to cook. These men can never grow up.

Do you men even know that girls too have mothers who took care of them in the same way? That we gave up everything so that your family can grow stronger?

If my husband wants to take a day off to spend time with me, the mother-in-law will have problems. She will give him a lecture about how work is more important. However, when he needs to make time for her, everything can go to hell.

When we planned a honeymoon, she asked us to come back in one day. She said money was important and we can’t spend so much on a holiday. The thing is, they want control and attention. It doesn’t matter if the son is a husband or a father, they just want control.

I don't think any husband will understand how it feels to be a daughter-in-law. I felt like a queen in my mother's house but I am afraid those days are long gone.

Ladies, never bring up your sons to dishonour another woman, teach him to understand a woman's feelings, teach him to respect women, and most importantly teach him to stand up for what is right.

Never forget that your mother may pass away sooner than your wife and children, and by then it will be too late for you. You might live a lonely life with no love from your family.

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