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My Mother-In-Law Is Ready To Go To Any Length To Make Sure I Don't Have A Baby

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Marriage was taboo for me. Leaving my parents behind was a nightmare. I am from India, though the pathetic situation of supporting only your parents-in-law has changed dramatically, there are certain people still in the old era.

My college was over and I got employed in a prestigious firm.

And when I thought I was happy, the topic of my marriage had started. When I refused to get married and wanted to pursue my masters, my dad agreed but mom was a bit scared for reasons she knew best. And just like she had feared, she passed away suddenly. My dad was distraught and my younger brother inconsolable. And after a year or so, I agreed to get married, but only for my dad. In a family of love marriages, mine was the second arranged marriage for three generations.

Even before the guy's family came to meet me, the guy started chatting with me.

I was reluctant to even reply or accept his friend requests in social media. But since this alliance was a sure one, my aunt encouraged me to speak with him. I put forth all my inhibitions to him; my commitments, the need to visit my dad often, etc. He agreed.

And then one fine day, I fell in love with him. We got married.

The problem started when my mother-in-law started visiting us. The woman I thought will be like a mom to me tore down my willpower. She called me names that I hadn't even heard of before. She threw away my books, my clothes and all other things of mine which she considered costly and was given by my dad. And that was when I realized that financial status matters in a marriage. She was not able to accept the fact that we had a home bigger than her or that my dad had a car. She would torture me whenever we were alone, and this happened often as my hubby left to work early and came back late. Every time she visited, she would have her next step ready. She even targeted my mom and called her a wayward lady as I was brought up modern. All this when her own daughter who was 8 years elder to me wore jeans and tees. The next came the complaint that my hubby hates me and didn't want me around. When I told him, he said to take it lightly and don't be bothered.

I broke down completely at that point and needed therapy.

Like that wasn't enough, she started cursing me that I wouldn't have a baby. In everything, I had kept my cool but the thing that pushed me to the brink was my hubby who believed her and scolded me. When I tried to tell him what she had been doing, I became the villain who tried to separate a mom and son.

He downright declared that I lied because his mom was an angel.

I have been married for two years now but I don't want a baby as she vowed that she will take it by all means and won't let me near my baby. She even said that after delivery, if I do not hand over the baby to her, she will make my death look like a delivery complication. I am at my wit's end. And I am keeping quiet for my dad's sake. Even though she may not be able to kill me, she might separate me and my husband in the future.

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