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My Mistake Is That I Agreed To Live In The Joint Family

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I don't understand why a mother-in-law forgets her past. Dear mother-in-law, I always treated you like my mother until you started interfering between my husband and me. Why can't you accept me as your own daughter?

After knowing about your joint family, I agreed to marry your son, which is something a modern girl never does. After knowing that I'm a working professional, your son agreed to the marriage, so why do you have a problem with my profession? I was always treated like an ideal student throughout my student life, and then became one of the best employees. However, still, I don't understand why you always treat me like a slave.

I love your son wholeheartedly without expecting anything from him other than little care.

And my dear husband, please understand that I'm a human being with emotions. I'm also a woman like your mother and sister.

Think once, from my perspective, then you will understand my true feelings. It's not just about cooking for you. I have to deal with your family, friends, and some of them are real actors in life. Their behaviour changes when you are in front of them. But, when you leave me beside them, I only know the pain which comes and hits me because of the abusive words from your loved ones.

But I never complained about this, because I never wanted to hurt you by telling this.

Marriage should be a relationship where true love should be present from both the husband and the wife.

Being an educated person, never think:

I should obey your words like a slave, but treat me with love, and I'm ready to sacrifice my life...

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