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My In-Laws Didn’t Want Me Anymore Because I Couldn’t Give Them A Grandson

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Like in any other Indian family, when I turned 25, my parents started worrying about my marriage. They started looking for alliances but since I wasn’t ready mentally, I kept rejecting them all. Soon, my mother started taking tension and fell sick regularly.

My relatives asked me to say yes for the next match if I wanted my mother to be fine.

I was working in an IT industry and wanted to continue my job after my marriage. The next proposal was good and they even agreed to let me keep my job. I got married to him. Soon, I started to see their true faces. My in-laws were not what they portrayed to be including my husband. He had no interests in me. He was mom’s boy and spent all the time with her.

I never got the love and care that every wife would expect from her husband.

They expected me to keep silence on this matter. Almost after a year, I finally decided to discuss the same with my parents. They came to talk to my in-laws and tried to make them understand that the husband and wife need to spend time together and value each other to have a happy married life. But instead, my in-laws started scolding and abusing and asked to take me with them.

They were shocked and hurt by my in-law's treatment, and so my father took me with him.

We waited till we could have next discussion. But they sent me divorce notice instead. It broke my parents completely because court cases are like a stain in our country. Being helpless, I begged my in-laws to take me back but they denied. I tried to be strong and transferred to another city. I was preparing myself mentally to learn to be alone. In the meanwhile, they played another conspiracy. They filed a defamation case against me that I ran away with someone and so they need 50 lakhs rupees as their compensation. They also blackmailed me saying that they would take the case back if I went back to them. I was also worried about divorce and my parent's respect, so I got agreed to their condition and went back to them.

Soon my husband started showing love and care towards me, I was so happy with my decision.

After a year we started planning for a baby. I conceived and all seemed happy with me. After six months of my pregnancy, the world around me changed. They started showing their real face again. At the time of my delivery, my in-laws including my husband had changed completely and started behaving worse than ever.

They wanted a baby boy but I had a baby girl so they left me in the hospital on the same day of my delivery and went home saying that they all needed rest.

Since then, their mental torture increased day by day. My husband even asked me to leave his home along with our 10-month-old baby. Even when my parents came to take care of me and my baby, my husband behaved rudely with them and asked them to take me away with them.

He had so much courage in him that even in front of my parents, he scratched my hands and dragged me out of his house.

I don’t know what I should do. All I know is my baby’s life is at risk here. That innocent life will suffer a lot if her parents got divorced. But if I don’t leave the house, they will continue to torture me till I get mad.

This marriage has made my life hell and I don’t know how to get out of it without affecting anyone, including my child.

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