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My Husband Was Willing To Me Leave Me Because His Mother Asked Him To Do So

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I am a dentist born and brought up in a nuclear family. I live with my parents and younger sister.

I was a boy to my father and so I took responsibilities and had the courage to take care of my family. However, I always dreamt of living in a joint family, I loved the idea of so many people living together and all the ups and downs of life.

So, I got married into a joint family. It was the opposite of what I had thought. I used to think he’ll stand by my side and treat me in a special way but that didn’t happen.

His family was narrow-minded. Even in today’s times, they used to think that a daughter deserves to go to office and work but a daughter-in-law needs to stay at home and do household work.

One month after my wedding, my husband’s aunt came to our house and abused me in the absence of my husband. She told me that my father is useless and that being a dentist means absolutely nothing in front of being a politician.

Yes, I was married into a family of politicians. They were affluent and powerful and that somehow gave them the right to demean my father who had worked hard all his life to raise a family.

That day, I decided to make a sacrifice. I thought I wanted to keep my in-laws happy and so I changed my life plan. I wanted to do my post-graduation but decided not to for the sake of my family. Even though I am very career oriented, I thought this will restore peace in my family.

I did everything to love my mother-in-law and the entire family. I used to ask her and do everything. What to cook, where to go, if I should go.

Today, four years have passed and nothing has changed. She still says I am from bad blood. My husband’s aunt still hates me and my husband never stands up for me.

My husband was even willing to leave me because his mother asked him to. We have two children, one is only 3 years old and nobody even thought twice before asking me to walk out of my husband's life. Who are these people? What gives them the right to be this way?

I don’t know what to do with my life. I have been humiliated and abused for no fault of mine and none of my sacrifices matter. I am still treated the same way just because I am the daughter-in-law who does not come from a rich or powerful family. What should I do in this situation? 

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