My Hubby Is Great But It Is High Time He Acknowledges How His Parents Mistreat Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 16 April, 2018

I have always been a girl who works hard to achieve success and I am a big-time dreamer. Being a single child to my parents, I'm loved one by all. I have a strong and dynamic personality. I was working with a good MNC but as the fate of many ladies is, I had to leave my job because of my marriage. In the beginning, my husband had been so supportive and was determined to marry me despite his parents denying our alliance.

We were happy at the initial stage, maybe because we had a long-distance relationship after marriage. After two years of marriage, I left my job.

And soon after, I lost my father and my mom had left her job. My in-laws and I often had friction but never had I reverted to their taunts. I had been telling my hubby that it will not work like this, and I requested him to please talk to them. He kept on ignoring. You will be surprised to know that my father-in-law stopped talking to me just because my hubby took me on a holiday when I was pregnant. Last four months of my pregnancy, I was with my mom. It was such a humiliation for me that my hubby was not around me because of his job.

My dad had expired, I had no brothers and my father-in-law just stopped talking to me and never visited me.

My hubby will never accept that his parents are wrong. Just because my mom told him that she made a mistake by getting me married to him, he felt humiliated. I have been listening to his parents’ negativity for four years but he's ignoring that. I'm a mom of a baby girl now. At least now I expect my hubby to support me emotionally. He's just not talking to me properly because I have stopped talking to his parents. He says that they have a right to see their granddaughter. In reality, it was my in-laws who had stopped talking to me and I had to always approach them first.

Even now, recently it was the first time my mother questioned them why they are treating her daughter like a maid and they got angry and came to fight.

My mom said sorry and that was it. They didn’t say a word to me and the next day, my hubby dropped me off to my mom’s house. He stays in the border area where a family isn't allowed. I know the reason why they didn’t want me to stay with them. What I want to know is why my hubby is deaf to my pleas. I agree that we both are happy when we are together. I agree that he is a nice person. But I have this to say to him: How much are you going to support your parents’ behaviour and how much longer are you going to show my mom as the villain? I feel you are doing this because you know you'll have to take her responsibility and if you stop talking to her, she'll not have a chance to stay with us. Don't worry, she's an independent lady and knows how to handle herself. But why don't you speak up for me in front of your parents?

I'm the mother of your baby. Now at least I deserve some respect.

You serve your parents, I have no issues. All I expect is some respect. After they stopped talking to me and didn’t even see our daughter when we were leaving the house, you expected me to call them and tell them to see their granddaughter. I have some self-respect. If it was your sister's son, they would call her and check up on them. It's been three weeks they haven't called me. I haven't called because my self-esteem is hurt. You know after that, I tried talking to them. But how many times do you want me to bow down? If they have any love for their grandchild, they would have called me and requested me to have a video call. Dearest Hubby, it's time for you to understand that things are just not the way they seem to be. Please grow up.

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