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My Family Refused To Believe Me When I Suffered Through Years Of Bullying

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My mom passed away when I was 14 years old. My dad never cared about us. The world thought he was a father but he meant nothing to me.

A year after my mom passed away, I was sent to a boarding school.

I started my 11th grade there. I liked the place at first. But slowly the situation started turning against me. I had no friends there.

I was bullied on a regular basis.

I thought it would end. But one day I abused one of the bullies and asked him to stay away from me.

I was beaten by 6 of them the next morning.

I defended myself well but it was six against one. Huh! I got sc***ed pretty badly. The entire thing started once again a couple of months later.  My stuff was either stolen or torn apart. My shoes were thrown into toilets. I couldn’t blame anyone because I had no proof. I confronted them again and history repeated itself.

This time they used sticks and belts.

I told the faculty members about it. They were let off with a warning. The same thing happened again because I complained.

My life became hell. I told my sisters about it.

They said I had to appear for the exams and pass if I wanted to get into another school next year. So I started studying. I kept my distance from everyone. They tried to provoke me again. I got into a fight with them once or twice. But I was never able to get all of them at once.

I gave my exams and went home. The results were out. I had scored 72% despite all that I had been through. When they asked me to fill the admission form for the next academic year, my dad was there. He took the form and asked me to sign on it.

I told my dad that I wanted to leave this school. He gave me ‘f*** off’ smile.

I went back home. I called my sisters and asked them to help me. They refused. All of them.

I pleaded. I cried. I begged. They disconnected. I couldn’t go to that hell again. But I had to. No one was ready to help me.

Everything started again - the bullying, the beating and the harassment. I was tortured mentally and physically. I told all this to my sisters on every phone call day. They refused to listen to me. They refused to understand me. They refused to help me.

I died a hundred deaths every day.

I faced all this torture for almost the whole year. Three months before the board exams, everyone started paying attention to the most important things now. The bullies left me in tears every night.

I lived in fear.

I used to lock myself up in a separate study room and sleep on a table. I cried for hours in the bathroom.

I hit myself. I slapped myself. I scratched my face. I hurt myself.

There was nothing more I could to myself now. Fortunately, they were not interested in raping me. I stopped calling my sisters. I ran away from the school using a fake application letter for a day or two. I just about managed to get pass marks in PCM. I did not get admission anywhere. I was devastated. My sisters blamed me for everything.

Actually, they said that I wasn’t interested in studying. They said I had made up all that stuff to cover up for things in case I failed. They still think the same way about me and they will always do so. I am insulted for this every now and then. I am constantly reminded of what a failure I am. That place has left a scar on my mind.

I will never forgive my family because they left me to rot in that place.

They refused to help me when I needed them the most. They act as if they care for me. But I don’t need them anymore.

College has helped a lot. My friends have become my family for life. Whenever I think about my loved ones, I will think about my friends. I am leading a good life. But sometimes I still cry during the nights when I think about what I have been through.

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