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My Family Gave Me Freedom But My Bhabhi Is Making Me Her Slave

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My bhabhi is the free cook and maid I have and she has no problem with it. For her, it's a paap to not take care of family.

She will stress and be upset and yell like a dictator, so that we eat our food hot. She gives nasty stares if I'm having a drink with bhaiyya. But the thing is, she says she cares about our health but actually she's too normalised to the sh**ty Indian culture to notice that she's putting herself (and me) below the men in our family.

Since lockdown started, she's cleaning and cooking all by herself. Sometimes, she complains that she has so much to do, but she complains more if my bhaiyya helps her. Basically, she expects me to help her. She and my younger brother are both jobless right now. In fact, she left her job to be a housewife. My bhaiyya and I run the house, parents are retired and old. Why should I help her? I'm already tired working all day. She don't care if I'm bleeding or have a headache and dying. I should only help her because I'm a girl.

Both my brothers are excused because they have d**ks? That's a qualification? I'm not valued in the house and have to suffer her taunts because I don't do jaadu-pocha. She anyway has no value because she behaves like cook and maid, and complains about it. Bhaiyya wants to help his darling wife but he's not allowed by her only.

If I say anything, I'm wrong because bhabhi is, after all, making sure that I'm "well trained" for marriage. Basically, like how you feed goats before slaughter, they educated me, made me lose weight, got laser treatment to reduce my facial hair, didn't allow me to cut my hair, made me work and become financially independent so I can be like bhabhi- a free cook and maid for another family.

No thanks. I hate my bhabhi because she doesn't realise what she's putting herself through and won't listen to reason. She can go to hell. I'm not guilty for treating her like this.

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