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My Brother Never Got Me Justice When I Told Him That I Was Touched Inappropriately

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I lost my parents when I was 1. Honestly, I don't miss their absence much as I have a loving and caring brother. He is 10 years older to me and is a fatherly figure for me.

I was 17 when he got married and my sister-in-law came home.

It was a love marriage and I was very happy for him. My sister-in-law is a good lady and loves my brother a lot. I like her but initially, we had some tiff, nothing serious though.

After few months of their marriage, her younger brother who is 3 years older than me came home to stay with us for few days.

This was the first time I met him. He reached home in the morning. My brother introduced him to me and left for office.

Soon my sister-in-law left too for her office asking me to take care of him. I had a little conversation with him, served him lunch and then went to my room to have my afternoon nap. He was in the living room watching TV.

I was sleeping in my room when I suddenly felt someone touching me inappropriately.

I woke up and found him in my bed. He was pretending to be in a deep sleep when I found it out. I was shocked and started panicking. I quickly went to the other room and locked myself in.

I was scared and thinking what I should do next. I was wondering, how my brother and sister-in-law would react to it. Finally, I decided to tell it to my brother and let him take care of it.

I trusted my brother and had full faith in him.

So I didn't open the door till my brother came home. Once he came, I called him to my room and told him everything that happened. I was sure that he would do the justice. But to my surprise, my brother after listening to me was salient and went out of my room.

I kept waiting that he would react and get me justice. But he actually did nothing and started behaving normally with his brother-in-law. I was all scattered and hurt. I never expected this from my brother.

This incident left lots of questions unanswered for me. I keep wondering if he thought I was lying about it or he trusted his brother-in-law more than me.

I also wonder that if he was more concern that his wife might be hurt rather than doing justice to me.

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