My Boyfriend Earns Less Than Me And My Parents Cannot Digest This Fact

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 23 September, 2018

I am in a relationship for 3.5 years. I got a job in the sales domain and he was the team leader. From day 1 itself, I started liking him because of his work ethic, communication skills and good nature. I worked with him for about 21 days. I did not continue the job as I was interested in further studies. Even after I left the job,I kept in touch with him. He too seemed interested in me and would reply to my messages and calls with equal enthusiasm. Soon he proposed to me and our relationship started. He has been an honest person from the beginning. I belong to a family where my dad and brother are doctors. I am a postgraduate and earn well.

My boyfriend earns less than me but I don't find anything wrong about it because he is hard working and will continue to do well in future.

Once we decided to get married, I informed my parents about him. From that day onward, I am facing all kinds of opposition from my family and a few relatives. As I already mentioned to them that he is an honest person, he never hid his family details from me. His dad runs a shop and earns a decent living, his brother is looking for a job and mother is a homemaker. Since he did not have a house, which my parents would have liked my partner to have, he managed to buy a flat with the help of his dad.

According to my parents, he is not capable enough to marry me because he earns lesser and is less educated than me.

His parents too are not educated, which becomes a secondary reason. My parents think I am blindly in love with him so I can't see all these points but the reality is that I have accepted him the way he is and I love him. I am ready to make adjustments in my life to be with him. My boyfriend has taken all the efforts to make sure I don't have to compromise on my lifestyle but all this is not enough for my dad. My mom has the same views as my dad and I am not able to leave my parents because I know people will taunt them with all kinds of questions.

My boyfriend is still waiting for me and I love him a lot, it has become difficult for me to convince my parents about his capabilities.
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We live in a society which has a set frame of mind and will not accept anything beyond that.

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