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Marriage For An Indian Daughter Means She'll Probably Be A Stranger To Her Parents For Life

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It’s been two years since I married my high school sweetheart. We work at an IT company and travel together to office and back home. Whenever we plan on staying at my parents' place or at any friend’s house, my husband calls up his parents to convey the message without fail.

His parents also call him to know if we would be late in coming home that day. It just hit me or I just realised that, just because I’m a woman, don’t I deserve to live with my parents and why only men have the privilege to stay with their parents and get love and affection from both parents and spouse? I feel like I’m been cheated on here because even in my mind I tell myself that 'that's the way it's supposed to be and the society works this way only'.

Why don’t I deserve to stay with my parents? I constantly think about this fact and feel sad. Before marriage, after I returned from my office, I shared all my office stories with my family. We all shared a happy camaraderie and usually my brother made fun of my dad and my dad pulled my mom’s leg for some silly thing and joked about it.

We all happily enjoyed our dinner, this was my usual day. Now I’m the same daughter, who stayed in my parents' home for 25 years but suddenly they are strangers to me and I have to live with such an unfortunate fate.

I don’t blame my parents for following the same tradition that has been followed by all generations of their family. But don’t I share the same responsibility with the man who is taking care of his parents?

Since the day I've entered my marital home, I live with this vacuum in my heart. I want to change this situation in every way possible but my parents won’t approve for the sake of the society 

This is a very simple fact that is accepted by all women in this so-called modern world and most of us don’t even realise what type of people we are becoming. One day, when it is our turn we will do the same to the girl who will be in the same situation as once we were in because that’s the way our society works.

My husband doesn’t have a clue about this situation because he too has been taught the same. We as women have the power to control the outcome of the society because we are the society, we are the ones who will teach responsibilities and set the same rules for our children when they grow up.

Why can’t we teach our boys to treat their sisters or wives equally? As a matter of fact we are not ready to accept change but we are ready to live our lives with all the cruelty that is inflicted upon us.

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