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I've Been A Daughter-In-Law For 30 Years And I Can't Believe That All The Crap Is Still The Same

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In a few days, it will be my 30th marriage anniversary. I recently came across this story that said "Dear Mother-in-law, Your Son Didn't Leave Your House Because Of Me I Swear."

This story brought back memories of when I had got married and we walked out of the house in a month. I was doing my masters in English Literature when this young handsome boy and his mom came to our house to “see me”. This was the norm in those days.

Well, long story short, we both felt that we’re made for each other. The elders agreed and our marriage was fixed. And I got married within a span of two months.

I was from Bombay and he was from Bangkok. They were far off relatives (as well as distant ones). I landed in Bangkok with stars in my eyes at 2 am and I was was shocked to see the five storey house and standard of living. Coming from an upper middle class family, the difference in living was too much.

Anyways, all through this, my husband was beside me. He kept telling me we’ll move out if it’s uncomfortable here. 'Uncomfortable' is a small word. I had never shared bathrooms and toilets since childhood and here, there was a common toilet and bathroom.

In a week's time, my husband shifted overnight to a small flat, and his mother always held me responsible for it. Like that girl in the previous story said, a person who’s 25 years old and is ready to leave his house for the girl he has married, knows his responsibility.

All his life he kept taking care of his parents financially. I never asked him anything about it.

Yes, my dear mother-in-law, it was because of me working with him shoulder to shoulder that he could take care of your financial needs.

He purchased a house for them and supported them financially but I was never given credit for anything. It was always "Oh my poor son he works so hard!".

Today when I look back, I feel I earned good karma. I don’t care what she thought. Now that she’s no more, let her be at peace in heaven. I don’t know what a good daughter-in-law is but I tried to be a good human being.

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