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It's The 21st Century And My Mother-In-Law Still Stops Me From Meeting My Parents

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As a girl, few questions always come to my mind: Why is it always expected of us to change, to adjust, to compromise? Why does the burden of all responsibilities lie on us?

Why are girls always subject to all the "Market Risk"? Is it written in the policy framed by God or the policy is drafted and modified by people (our so-called society which includes our so-called friends and relatives)?

I always try hard to get the answers to my questions but I never get any response, and instead of addressing our concerns, we are always taught to be quiet and to follow what is told to us. But these questions never leave my mind. I am a middle-class girl with lots of dreams and a passion for life. After graduation, I did my CS and got a good job in a CA firm. But this was not enough for a good life, according to our society. They claim that for a good life you have to get married and the same happened to me. Soon my parents’ search started for a perfect guy but destiny had planned something else for me.

One day, my best friend called me to her house for a party and there I met the love of my life, my future husband. For me he is just perfect, he is adorable, smart and he has a good nature and soon we got hitched. In the initial days of my marriage, I just went on adjusting and getting to know other members of my new family. Everything was going good but one day I just realized that whatever you do for others, you can't ever satisfy their expectations of you. It was a Sunday and we were just having a breakfast when my mother called me and asked me to come home to meet her and my father as she was longing to meet me. I told this to my husband and he told me to ask my mother-in-law and she said that I can go and meet my mother but this should not happen always.

She explained, “kyu ke ladkiyon ka shaadi ke baad apne ghar itni jaldi jaana acha nahi hota warna log kya kahenge ki aapki bahu hamesha hi apne ghar jati rehti hai”.

Again the so-called society came in between my happiness. Why the hell do we think of society so much? Why can't we give so much importance to our feelings? That day I realised that whatever I do, I can't always make everyone happy. I am constantly thinking about my mother-in-law happiness only. I never frequently visit my parents’ house, although we are living in the same city. Before thinking about my emotions, she thinks about the society. I left my parents’ house and without any complaints, I am adjusting to this new environment so I deserve basic courtesy from my mother-in-law. But again it is my fault that I forget I am a girl and it's in my destiny to adjust without any complaints.

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