It's Been 12 Years Since The First Time We Were Forced To Meet Each Other

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 10 October, 2017

For many love happens at first sight but for others it’s a journey of a lifetime. A common friend in Hyderabad was after our lives to meet each other and we kept avoiding it for the longest time.

When we finally met, it took only a few seconds for us to realize that this was meant to be. Had we had the chance to know something about each other, perhaps our likes and dislikes or even what interest we shared, it would have motivated us to try and give each other a shot earlier.

The evening we met, we ended up spending hours talking to each other and realized how much we really had in common. At the end of the night a simple hug is all it took for sparks to fly and even though I took my own sweet time to reciprocate, I am so glad and thankful today to have him as my partner.

We’re both easy going, not into criticizing anything too strongly, can mould ourselves into any situation, love to travel a lot, take decisions together easily, have a thorough understanding of each others needs and comfort, and run a business together (although if I have to be honest, I don’t like him as a business partner because as a Sagittarius, Inder is a perfectionist. He can spend hours correcting a minute thing while I sit, fume, scream next to him to move on!).

But hey, I guess everyone has some quirks, no?

It is magical that after 12 years of being together, we still discover new things about each other and voila, love happens again!

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