I'm A Good Looking Girl Who Got Rejected By Grooms Just For This

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 23 August, 2017

I had dreamt of getting married, just like any other girl. I never had a boyfriend. Hence I thought maybe I should get married to the person of my parents' choice. I would eventually fall in love with my husband. But life wasn't as simple as I thought it to be.

I'm a 26-year-old doctor. I look good. I mention about the looks because that’s what l I have learned from my experience. Looks matter.

My mother found a guy whom she assumed would be a good match for me. We had a lot in common. Hence I agreed to meet him. Everything was okay until they got to know that my father was physically handicapped. My father has got smaller hands but that has never hindered him in cooking, writing or going about his normal day to day activities.

They rejected me based on that factor. I thought maybe not everyone is like them. It wasn't hereditary anyway. But I was repeatedly rejected by every guy for the same reason. I felt dejected and started blaming my family for putting me into this situation. I lost all hopes of getting married.

I later asked my mother to chuck this topic aside. But after few days, I had another proposal. I requested my mother to talk about my father's condition well in advance. I had anyway lost the hope in humanity. But this guy changed my views. He said, 'If we like each other, we will get married. Nothing else matters.'

We talked to each other and I found my prince charming in him who finally accepted me and my family the way we are. Finally, we are getting married in a few months and I can't wait to start my life with him.

Editor's Note:

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