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If You Are Your Child's Superhero, Then Just Do One More Thing Please

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As a parent or as an elder, have we become really this ignorant that the government needs to make us aware of teaching our children about 'Good Touch Bad Touch’?

There have been many times when our country has faced difficult and horrible situations, but we were brave and determined to rise again, and we did, maybe not gracefully, but nevertheless, we did rise.

The point is not that we can rise again; the point is why did we fall in the first place?

And why are we still falling and failing, as an individual, as a society and as a nation, which cannot protect the '3-year-old girl' who is being preyed for sexual pleasures? The '7-year-old boy' who was abused and murdered within the boundaries of an educational institution?

It's a terrible thing to imagine being a 6-year-old, 8-year-old or 10-year-old and learning which touch to embrace and which to avoid.

This is the generation that should watch Tom and Jerry and more, not news of fellow kids being molested and harassed inside a temple, a school, and even their own home!

It pains me to the core that at the tender age of innocence and purity, we have to teach children the terrible truths of life. I'm not against teaching them protective measures, but I'm hurt by the reality that we ‘HAVE’ to teach them all sorts of protective measures. It is an unavoidable situation!

Are we living in a society that is teaching their girls to be extra careful, but not teaching their boys to behave well?

Today I'm not questioning the authorities or the government for what they have done to increase the safety and protection of these innocent lives, rather I want to question, 'What have you done to protect your children or your neighbour’s children?'

Your ignorance is the main cause of the increasing number of child victims!

You're so busy with your life, with earning money, supporting the family, doing household chores, watching meaningless TV serials, attending kitty parties, and gossiping. Shockingly, I've even seen parents playing with their mobiles while their children are crying out for attention.

Your absence from your child's life increases the presence of others.

Good Touch Bad Touch - it's a tough subject to discuss with your kids, I understand that, but wouldn’t you have this important discussion to ensure that your child does not become another victim?

Do not be ignorant of your children's lives; they have no one else but you. You are their superhero and they need you now! They are too small to protect themselves with the evils lurking out there; they need your support, your comfort, and most of all, your love. They need to know that they are safe and will be protected when they share horrific things, which may happen to them.

So many children never share what happens to them because they're afraid of being punished.

They're afraid of being beaten or yelled at, because in some way or the other, you'll only focus on their mistakes. This is called victim blaming.

Are we making our children fearless or are we to blame for instilling them with fear?

Teaching ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ to every child is important. Please don't wait for the government or other organizations to teach your child.

You are their parent, their guardian, and it's equally, if not more so, your duty to protect your children.

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