I Was Thrown Out Of My Wedded Home And My Husband Watched Silently

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 25 February, 2018

This is like a torture to a girl’s dream. Every girl on earth dreams of a perfect married life. She ties the knot and steps into the new house to make it a home. But the irony is that It is in fact, never her home. I also got married last year to the man I thought would love me and we shall make a lovely home together, a place full of laughter and love. But I was proven wrong. I was never treated like a part of the family. My husband’s main concern was his mom, whom he is obsessed with.

She is a dominating lady, calling for attention all time with her fake illness. And mind it, she can chuck you out of the house if she doesn't like you and convince your husband for the same, by drama of her illness.

She can call up your parents and be abusive to them without them being wrong just because they are ladki walas. An educated family from a posh area in Delhi can throw their daughter-in-law out of the house just like that. They can abuse her, curse her, and even make her depressed. And the man of that girl’s dreams, will stand there and see all this happen and then without uttering a word, he would simply ignore it all and let you face all this alone. He would conveniently say please keep me out of all this all or else my mom will be annoyed with me. I am left thinking, why did he even marry me if he wanted to only torture his newlywed under the hands of his self-proclaimed always correct mom?

How can a man be so spineless that he can allow his mom to throw out the girl he loves, without any fault of her own? Is this family really a so-called cultured family?

I want to say to all you guys out there, that if you marry someone then have the spine to stand for her. Listen to her and trust her and find a solution. At least, don't let your mom throw her out of the house just like this. You can never understand how it feels and what scars it leaves on her heart for her life ahead. She will never be able to trust anyone else in her life. Behave like a human at least. If you promise something then be a gentleman to stand by them.

Learn to see the wrong and right and please, if you cannot then do not ruin someone’s life. You have no right to do that. You are playing with so many lives and so many hearts. I really pity people who do this even today, and yet say they did the right thing and aren't guilty. I must tell them that God's watching you so beware.
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