I Was In Love For 10 Years But I Followed My Parent’s Decision And Got Married To Someone Else

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 29 April, 2018

I fell in love with my childhood friend straight after completing my higher studies. We were so much in love that we almost spent every day together. Then I moved to Delhi for my job and he stayed back in our hometown. We would still manage our time to talk and meet on weekends.

After few years, my parents started searching for a suitable guy for me or rather say for themselves because they hardly cared for my thoughts.Being a good daughter, I agreed to their decision and was married off to a rich and a traditional family.

My biggest fault was that I left the love of my life for my parents and I married the guy who was heartless. It was just a marriage for him and there was no love connection.

I tried hard to build some connection so that love would blossom between us. I gave my 200 percent but I didn’t get any response in return. We hardly made love and each time, it felt like I was only having sex for the sake of doing it. I never felt love and I was always treated like an outsider. Nobody shared anything with me.

After six months of our marriage, my husband started hitting me on small issues and my mother-in-law supported him. I was an unwanted person in the house who had no use being there.

I was earning and spending on myself and my in-laws too but I never got anything in return.

Everybody told me to plan a child as this might make things better. I believed them and I got pregnant. Again, that was another biggest fault I had made. But soon after my baby was born, I realised that there was no use of upbringing my child in such a family. They didn’t care about his birth as well.

I was so much in depression for three months after the delivery that I felt like committing suicide, but I saved myself for my child.

Finally, a day came when I decided that I can’t continue to live in this house just for the sake of the society. So I left the house with my child and it has been one year now that I am living alone with much more happiness than before. I take care of my child in best possible ways and I don’t care about the society anymore.

Editor's Note:

You go, girl! Share this story, because sometimes we need to take things into our own hands and do what is right for us.