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I Want To Apologize To My Ex Lover Because I Had To Give In To An Arranged Marriage

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Hello everyone. I was in a relationship with a guy whom I met online a few years ago. I was in Chandigarh and he was in Delhi. He was quite an average looking guy but yes, he was good at heart. But we started off as friends and I don’t know why one day he just pestered me and asked me whether I was in love with him. I admitted that I was. He was so happy. I know he was in love with me. But one thing that I know sure, I tried my best to fall in love with him. I could not. I am sorry but I just could not. But he was so nice to me and so supportive that I could not leave him also.

I tried everything so that I could settle down with him. But he was not settled in his life. My father did not agree. Today I want to tell him this:

Aniket, I waited for you to settle down in life. You also know that. But you did not do anything substantial. I was already 29 years old, and my parents put lots of pressure on me so I had to marry the guy of their choice. I will confess that I did not miss you for even a single day because I never loved you. But I was loyal to you and you know that. Last year on this day, after 5 years of not contacting each other, I don’t know how your number got dialled and I don’t know whether it was still saved with me. It was a mistake by my daughter, I guess while playing. You reprimanded me black and blue as though I were a slut without giving me time to figure out what exactly happened. Why this much hatred towards me, Mr Aniket? I am loyal to my husband and I love my family. I don’t need you. It was a mistake and that too not mine.

Those messages from your side still make me wonder sometimes what I did? Just because I could not marry you?

My husband knows everything about you and even about that incident. But still, I am genuinely saying sorry if you are still hurt. I know it can be painful even though it is irrational. I am sorry for what happened, but you need to move on in life and stop hating me. I would have appreciated it if you would have asked me how I am rather than rebuking me so harshly. I hope you are doing well in your life. Stay blessed. I know that even if you read this, you will still rebuke me. But I don’t care about that as I just did what I wanted to and felt right. I am relieved now.

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