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I Stopped Visiting My Home For A Man Who Didn't Deserve My Love

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I met him when I was in tenth grade. I had a crush on him, but nothing ever developed between us. For my higher education, I went to Bangalore. One day, while I was visiting home, I met my cousin who had studied in the same school as me.

It turned out that my cousin was still in contact with my childhood crush, and he had inquired about me once. I called him up, and we began to talk. Soon he asked me out and I obviously said yes.

It was a long distance relationship but I was happy and in love. I made it a point to visit home every vacation just so I could meet him.

One day, he said that his family had started forcing him to get married. I was ready for the next step, hence, I decided I would fly back home and meet his parents, but he denied, saying his parents wouldn’t agree. He later said that he spoke with his sister, who was willing to meet me when she'd visit from the US. My family already knew about him.

One day, a common friend of ours called me and congratulated me for my wedding. I was taken aback. I told her that I was still in Bangalore and wasn't hitched yet. She said that her father told her about the wedding, and the news could not possibly be wrong.

I spent the next night trying to reach his family. I found his father’s phone number and called him to confirm the news. Yes, he got married and I didn’t know. Next, I told his father about us, and he said that they had asked him if he had any girlfriend, but he had denied and hence, they got his marriage arranged. I even called his mother, who apparently didn’t know about us either, contradictory to what he had told me.

The next day, he called me and said that he was sorry and didn’t know what was happening. He said that he still loved me. Where was his love when they were getting him married?

I did not go back home for two years after that. I was heartbroken. Finally, when I went back home, I saw him roaming around on the streets happily. I was dumbstruck.

I still loved him, but he had moved on too fast in his life. I went back to Bangalore immediately and decided to  never come back, I did not want our paths to cross again. And today, I am incapable of falling in love again.

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