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I Married The Man Of My Dreams, But No One Warned Me About His Mom!

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I was dating my classmate since we were in school together. We finally got married in 2013. He was everything that I had ever dreamed of. He was my Prince Charming. After our engagement in 2012, I began meeting my fiance’s family. He was a tall, slim guy and I was completely the opposite!

My in-laws always taunted me about my weight. They agreed, for the sake of their son, to this marriage. They knew how much we care for each other. So in a way, they didn’t have any option.

My mother-in-law always told me, “humare ladka ke liye toh acha gharo se rishtey aate hai, but yeh manta hi nahin haan…” She always wanted a girl from a rich Punjabi family, someone who would be slim and smart.

For her, everything, including love, balanced on a scale between money and looks.

After I got married, she always told our other relatives that I’ve come from a lot of money. Of course, she was constantly lying. I don’t understand why today, things like looks and money means so much.

She’s such a two-faced woman; when she’s talking to you she’s your best friend, but behind your back, your worst enemy. She enjoys gossiping for hours about her own relatives.

Along with this, she also strongly believes that women in the house are there to serve the men of the house. Despite how sick you are or if you’re rushing to work. The dish or food that has to be cooked has to be her choice too. If she dislikes anything, then she will make sure that no eats it either.

On top of this, my working hours are similar to those of the males in the family. And yet she expects me to cook, clean and do the household work once I’m back from work. She doesn’t want to keep a maid because she thinks it’s something that the ‘women of the house’ should do. At times she demands things from me that I have absolutely no way to help her procure. Whether it’s my Jewellery, new clothes or now, her latest, a baby. On top of this, she’s told me that she only wants a boy. I don’t understand why she’s interfering with everything in my life.

I’m so depressed and it’s making me wonder, why do mothers-in-law exist?

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