I Married The Love Of My Life But I Can't See Her Cry Like This

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 8 October, 2017

I wish to share my love story with all of you. I married the love of my life 45 days back. I am struggling to create a love filled space for her in my family life. Her name is Sarah (name changed).

She is as beautiful as her name and slightly fat. She has very attractive eyes. I love her eyes so much.

I fell in love with her when I was 13. I proposed to her after 2 years. She rejected me the first time. But after a couple of months she accepted my proposal. I was the topper of my class at that time and was very talented. All the faculty members of my school praised me for my talent. When we finished our academic year, she joined another school while I continued in the same school. So we got separated.

I could see her very often but I was not able to talk to her because of the society in which we were living.

I belong to a poor family so I concentrated on my studies and became the school topper. When I finished my 12th standard, my girl came back into my life. We shared everything during this period.

Both of us were very happy with each other.

We roamed around the city. Everything worked in our favour for six months. News spread to her parents and they came to know about me. They warned me not to be with their girl because she belonged to a rich family.

They beat me up like a dog and I was bleeding very badly. I was only 18 when this happened.

They informed my family about this. After this incident, I stopped talking to her for a few days. But she made her way into my life again.

It took me nearly six months to hold her hands again.

She loved me and I loved her and our love for each other continued to grow. It was only because we loved each other so much that we have reached this stage of our lives now. We enjoyed our love life and things were going on very well.

Both of us are hot-tempered by nature. Whenever she gets angry, she vents it out on me but when I get angry, I don't show it to her. I can't see her crying. That is my weakness. I am ready to do anything for her.


She went on to graduate from a college which was in a different city. I visited her every week. If I didn’t do so, she would not eat for the whole day. We enjoyed ourselves and also quarrelled a lot. I have never slapped her or physically abused her so far. But she has slapped me, beaten me and insulted me in front of everyone because she cannot control herself when she gets angry.

But she also cares a lot for me and loves me. These are the two things that stopped me from leaving her.

After I finished my graduation, I moved to a metropolitan city. I worked there for one year. She visited me once in three months. I struggled a lot during that one year because of my salary. I returned home because of my family condition and started working in my city.

I am 24 years old now. I finally got married to the love of my life. Sarah lives with me in my home.

She changed her religion for me and gave up everything for me. She cried to get married to me.

We faced all kinds of situations to get married. She was a free-spirited girl but now she feels my home is like a jail for her. I am not able to see her in this condition. My parents are very good to everyone. But Sarah faces a lot of criticism from everyone in my family. I don’t know why people are unable to see the sacrifices that she made for me. I am not able to move to another city because of my family condition.

Author's Note:

One thing is clear. Our love life is happy. It is the scenario in my house that is creating so many problems for us.

Thank you for reading my story.

Editor's Note:

A deep bond of love can help us survive all odds. Let us hope that the love this young couple shares with each other permeates into the hearts of their family members too. Share this story to make this happen.