I Had The Worst Childhood Because I was Dark Skinned

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 12 August, 2017

I was in my early school days and never gave importance or time to my looks. We were four siblings and I had the darkest skin tone, which bothered my parents since being fair plays a vital role in getting good life partners.

I was always compared to others and was the least loved amongst my relatives. My parents opted not to introduce me to their friends, which made me feel sick. Time passed by, when I was in my 8th standard I faced issues wherein guys followed me and commented on the way I walked, looked and dressed. A few even tried to harass me.

This was the period when I needed my mother or sister or father to give me some attention. However, I was never given that importance and protection since I was a dark skinned girl. To safeguard my own dignity, I left my birthplace and moved to south India to stay with people of different culture and language. 

Author's Note:

This was the turning point of my life after which something happened that changed my life.. stay tuned to find out more.