I Got Married To A Pilot And This Is How My Dreams Came Crashing Down

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 10 August, 2017

One and a half year back, I got married to a guy. It was an arranged marriage. My husband is a pilot for a leading airline. Before my marriage, I and my family were very excited. Nobody had even imagined that I would marry a pilot. I had many expectations from him. I thought that he would be highly sophisticated. I also feared about the adjustments that I would have to make.

I thought I would not be able to cope up with his standards but I was woken up from my dreamland. I was shocked when I saw how shamelessly he urinated by the roadside. He threw garbage on the roads. He is such a horrible man.

A clerk working with a small company would have better manners than him. He is so miserable that even for buying a small thing, he enquires everywhere. His family was no different than him.


I was surprised that they didn't have a sofa set in their house and for buying a sofa; they were behaving as though they were buying diamonds. This is his family tradition. His family used to buy cheap vegetables and fruits. They eat stale food at home. Now I want to move away from this relationship but I cannot. Some people visited our home the other time for some verification. I offered them cold milk. Later he shouted at me asking why I couldn't serve them just chilled water. 

We are always arguing regarding some or the other thing. I have cried so much only to realise that it doesn't bother him at all. He is such a negative person that he always feels that people look at me lustfully while I never feel so. He always senses negative. He has got neither friends nor relatives who he talks to.

His family is equally weird. The members don't talk to each other. I feel that they all money minded people. Marrying him was the biggest mistake of my life. From the outer surface, everything looks fine. When you just look at me, you might feel I'm one hell of a lucky person. Only I know what my real story is.