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I Don’t Understand Why I Have To Change So Much Just Because I'm The Daughter-In-Law

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Dear Indian parents,

Most girls are so excited about their wedding. All girls dream of a prince charming coming on a horse to wed them right from or after their college days. And to have a cute little family.

This is what most Indian girls dream about. Do make it a point to note that not all girls have such dreams. Some others dream of working on their own and love to be independent! I would like to give salutations to such girls!

Girls get married and settle down and feel their dreams have been fulfilled. This is the turning point where every woman’s life changes.

She has to change everything, that is, from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed.

Her new family members will decide when she should wake up, when and what kind of work she should do, when to take a nap, when to go out, when and what time to eat, even if she is hungry she has to wait for her husband to come home. Most important of all, what dress she should wear, what kind of jewellery she should wear and how she should comb her hair.

When a girl gets married, her life changes totally but what about the men? Why are men not treated equally after they get married? After the wedding, girls have to leave their mother’s home but why not the boys?

Girls just want to have their own family with her husband and kids. They dream of arranging their home in such a way that both she and her husband like it. They dream of cooking lovingly for their husbands and like to be independent in their own homes.

All these dreams are shattered once they are married into a joint family. After marriage, only the husband treats the girl as his own, while others treat her as a third person.

Her in-laws can’t talk openly when she is present around the house. If she has a brother–in–law, that’s it! Every time he has to act very decently in front of her.

Mothers tell their sons and daughters, “She has come to our family. What will she think about you if you behave like this?”

So everyone has to act in a 'decent manner' in front of her. Only in a few families have I seen the daughter-in-law mingling easily with everyone in her family. Why do all parents want to keep their sons with them and send their daughters away? Why does every mother want her daughter to live separately but want her daughter-in-law to be with them?

Every mother-in-law was once a daughter-in-law too. Their life also changed drastically and they know how difficult it is.

But when they become a mother-in-law they forget everything and start changing the girl’s life.

Please, parents, let your son and daughter-in-law start a new life after their wedding. Let them create their own family with love.

Tell your son to take care of you when you become old. Then your relationship with your daughter-in-law will be very beautiful and she will surely take care of your son and also take care of you when you become old.


A frustrated daughter-in-law!

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