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I Didn’t Marry My Wife So That She Could Throw Away My Parents Out Of My House

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*For representational purpose only.

I have been married to my love for 10 months now. I belong to Jharkhand and she belongs to Punjab. So naturally, there were cultural differences between us.

My father had the brain hemorrhage and his left body got fully paralysed. My mother has been into business since my childhood, so she was never into the household chores.

I made my wife clear about the situation of my parents before the marriage itself. I even told her that after our marriage, my parents were going to stay together with us.

Right after a month of marriage, my wife started abusing my parents.

She had a problem with my mother not doing any household chores. I tried my best to settle the situation. I explained how my mother hasn’t done any household work in her lifetime, so it was not right to expect her to do at the age of 52.

My wife argued that since all day my mother remained at home and she had to go to the office, only my mother was responsible for the maintenance of the house.

Every alternate day, I found myself in this situation where I was stuck between defending my mother and my wife.

My wife had serious anger issues and behaved like an uncivilised person whenever she got angry. She had even tried to harm me and slapped me many times. I bore all her nonsensical behaviour. Yet, she was constantly after me saying that she didn’t want to live with my parents.

I asked her not to create a fuss because she already knew about my intention before marriage. Every day fights and arguments at home was having a bad effect on my dad’s health. Whatever recovery my father had made by then was getting nullified.

I didn’t want to see my father go backward with his recovery. So I surrendered and asked my parents to move to my sister’s place.

Clearly, life didn’t plan any share of happiness for me. I can’t be with my parents at the time when they need me the most. Today I feel so helpless that I can’t even support my parents.

God alone knows what he has written for me. I have quit and living with no ambitions, hopes, and desires.

I don't have the freedom to even end my life because I am bound by the so-called divine relationship of marriage.

Now, this is my life where I don't have my parents with me but congratulations to my wife for succeeding in what she has always desired to kick out my parents of their own house.

With this, I sign off.

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