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I Could Not Let My Orthodox Marriage Get In The Way Of My Independence   

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My dad would call me and ask me to come home to take me to the doctor because I was very close to my dad and mom. My in-laws’ place was new to me and I ended up in bed on doing anything, so I asked them to please drop me at my place. He said a big no to me. Even once when his family’s people called us for lunch, he agreed even though I said I can’t go as I am not well. They still took me there. I was crying because of pain but they forcefully took me there. That place was near my own home. I told my husband to please drop me home because I was getting period cramps as well. Somehow, he agreed but my father in law questioned me and my mother in law kept quiet even after knowing everything. I cried and asked my husband to please send me home. He dropped me to my Mumma’s and Papa's place and within a week, I became fine. In between, he never came to see me. He was visiting his friend’s place but not coming to see me. Finally, after a week he took me back to his place.

Things changed. I realized his sister's attitude was growing worst towards me.

She used to stay at home the whole day and when I would come back home after office, my mother in law complained that her daughter is so tired of working, even though, I would cook in the morning, wash clothes by hand and then go for the office. If I was coming late home from work, my mother in law made faces, and she would cry that her daughter is so tired. My husband was working in an MNC and his usual time to reach back home was late.

When I expected my husband to sit with me and talk, he was always busy with his mother and sister. I would be waiting in the room and sleep. He never gave me time.

I was tired of my poor newly wedded life. Their demands started increasing day by day and then my husband told me to give my whole salary to him. I refused because before the marriage he said to me that he will never ask me for a single penny. He never even got a chocolate for me. All my expenses were upon me to bear. Even if my dad and mom called me home, he would abuse them and mistreat them.

I felt bad and obviously every day his mom came up with a different custom and told me to call my parents to ask them to send this today and that today. I was tired and once I told my husband that it was enough and I can't ask my parents again and again.

He said I am wrong and he lectured me the entire night for this thing. Even his mom and sister did the same with me. My nights would be sad. I ended up crying and crying entire nights.

After six months of our marriage, I got the news that I am pregnant and I was not ready so I told my husband that I can't keep the baby. The reason I gave him was because I couldn't see anyone supporting in his family and they are so orthodox.

He agreed with me and then called my parents and told them to take me home. From there, he took me to the doctor and we got the pills. That was the last day he was with me. He never came back to see me again.

Two months passed, and he didn't call or text. Nobody from his family tried to talk to me.

My parents got to know whatever had happened and told me to get separated. Even my grandmother supported us. Today I am an independent girl. Yes, some dreams got spoilt along the way, and I feel bad because my parents used up all their savings on my marriage. But they support me and love me to the core.

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