I Can Never Forgive My Fiance's Ex For Doing This To Us

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 8 August, 2017

I will never forgive my fiance's ex-girlfriend. Once, my fiance told me that he could never be happy again. It all began four months back. I met him at a typical rishta meeting and I decided that I really liked him in the first meet itself. Soon after, we got engaged. He would treat me nicely but I always felt that there is something that is missing. I could never put a finger on what exactly it was, I had a hard time understanding his emotions because he would barely display any.

I couldn’t tell if he was happy with me, and then came that fated day when he opened up to me and told me about his ex.

He told me about everything that had happened just a year back. He was in love with this girl he had been dating since a few months, and he knew that she is the one. They were very serious about each other. The girl belonged to a very rich family, and at that time, my fiance was not very well to do. His financial condition was not as good as that of this girl's. Although, he is very hard working and they both knew things will be better in future. Then one day, this girl's family found out about their relationship. Just as typical Indian parents usually do, her parents did not agree to it just because of his financial status. She never spoke to him after that. She did not even tell him what exactly her parents told her. All she told him was that it is all over now.

When my fiancé told me about this, he confessed that he is still standing in the same place where she had left him.

I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive his ex as it is because of her that my fiancé doesn't love me back. She has left him devoid of the ability to feel any emotion. He doesn't even like to meet me. He tells me that she didn’t do anything wrong and it was her family who did everything. He has this set image of her in his mind and I'm sure he compares me with her for everything I do. This is the reason why he is always criticizing me.

She has moved on and is now happily married to a rich guy but I still don't know when I will find my happiness.
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