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I Became Worthless To My Husband The Minute I Ran Out Of Money

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I was always a very bright student and quite ambitious. I am a feminist too and believe in gender equality. Finally, my hard work rewarded me with a job in a government bank. I was on top of the world and thought life was going to be great but then, my biggest nightmare came true.

My parents were looking for a suitable groom and finally, we found him through a matrimonial site. Everything was fine in the beginning but as soon as we got engaged, the boy's side started demanding for costly gifts, jewelry and other sorts of monetary things. My parents denied them and when I confronted my would-be husband, he said he had no hand in it, and it was all just the demands of his orthodox parents.

I failed to understand that he was the mastermind behind all this.

He faked love and care towards me before marriage. I failed to understand his wicked mind and got trapped in his fake words. My family was not strong enough to break the alliance due to societal pressure . I had taken a car loan for myself after I had got a job. After my marriage, my husband and his family started pressurizing my family to clear the loan. I tried to make him understand that I had taken a car loan for myself and not for my parents, so why should they clear that loan? But he refused to understand anything.

When my parents confronted him, he started abusing them very badly and when I tried to talk to him, he verbally abused me and flung false accusations on my character. We are living in the same city but he hasn't kept any contact with me and had strictly warned me to not to try to contact him anymore.

The worst part is that his family is supporting him in all this. I don't know what to do now and how to keep this relationship. I got married just 7 months ago. I have 3 younger unmarried sisters. My family is not financially and emotionally strong enough to bear the consequences of divorce and court cases. Moreover, after the divorce, I have to be alone all through my life.

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