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His 'Love' For Me Was Nothing But His Family's Hunt For A Suitable Daughter-In-Law

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I still can’t forget the day we met, even though I want to: the day we met, for the very first time. But wait… a week before I agreed to meet him, I was asked by his family to leave my job and join his business after our marriage.

My work, my job, and my profession is everything to me. Still, I agreed to meet him because my parents convinced me to.

Finally, the week passed and the day came when that “day” came around. I was shy. I couldn’t even look at his face when we were sitting there. He broke the ice, asked me about my profession. According to him, I shouldn’t quit my job just to marry him. He respected the fact that I could choose my career over everything else.

He even told me about his own struggle: his surgery, his breakup and a lot more about himself. His only intention was to make me say no to him, but I liked his honesty. Actually, no, I loved his honesty and told my parents I approved of him.

When his family asked for his answer, he wasn’t ready for marriage but on his family’s insistence, he said yes. And the worst part? They made it a point to tell us this.

They told our family that he wasn’t ready for marriage, that he was being forced to say yes to accepting me. That he wasn’t keen to be married to me… and so on. My family and I were extremely insulted.

What don’t I understand is why he didn’t have the guts to talk to me about it when we first met? He was so understanding about my career and my life; why didn’t he think I wouldn’t be of his too?

So, Mr. Aggarwal, if you’re reading this and I hope that you are, please try to understand that life doesn’t stop for anybody. Times heals all, so if someone loves you and is ready to accept you as you are, then you should have the strength to allow this bond to form. Or if you can’t, then you should have the courage and the strength to speak up.


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