He Was Not Man Enough To Stand Up For Me And Marry Me But I Loved Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 9 August, 2017

I am 26 years old. I am a nurse by profession. I have been in love with a man for six and a half years. He is three years older than me and we both belong to the same place. Initially we were both in a long distance relationship for 4 years because I was still studying.

He was not a very caring or loving boyfriend. He used to drink frequently in his boys’ hostel. He almost ruined his career because of his poor lifestyle.

This continued for almost one and a half years of our relationship. But I didn’t bother too much about his personal life because even I was busy with my studies.

But I was honest and faithful to him. I never thought of leaving him. Instead, I always supported him and helped him get out of his poor lifestyle. I always wanted him to be a better man. My efforts paid off and he started changing for me. He stopped drinking and started caring for me. He became a very loving boyfriend and a good man. He never made me feel lonely. Every single day we used to talk for long hours over the phone. I was staying far away from him. He used to save money just to visit me.

We shared a strong bond and understood each other very well because we shared a great chemistry. We both always planned for our future. He promised me that we would share our future together.

5 years after our relationship, we happened to break up. We had a conflict because I became very possessive. I used to fight a lot with him. He became insecure so he just left me. I was very hurt and despite my pain, I remained silent. I hoped he would come back into my life. Five months after our break up, we both fell in love with each other again. Our relationship became stronger and stronger with time.

He then decided to tell his mom about our relationship. But his mom refused to accept me. He tried to convince her four times. But his mom was not ready to accept me because his mom liked another girl. So in the end, my boyfriend told me that he couldn’t go against his mom. So he did not want to continue our relationship anymore.

It was very painful to hear these words from him. But I didn’t have any other choice so I just wished him a better life and let him go.

Author's Note:

I still miss him a lot. But all I am now left with is false promises, false hopes, painfully unforgettable memories and a broken heart.

Editor's Note:

Love can transform a broken man and make him whole. Sadly, love can often blind us to the true worth of a person. Share this story so that this young woman gets the courage to let go of love that was probably not meant for her.