He Was A Monster Posing As An Old Friend Who Only Wanted To Abuse Her

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 8 August, 2017

Like any other middle-class family, my friend’s family too had taught her to be away from boys during school days and to stay focused in her studies. She had always been one of those very quiet and kind girls who helped everyone, whoever approached her and she was never interested in any other affairs going on in the class. She never bothered to check the credibility of the person who approached her for help and that probably was her greatest mistake.

Among all those people who had approached her for help, there was a guy who was also known as the official playboy of our school. He was quite famous for his polygamist behavior and he was associated with many of the girls in our school.

He used to flirt with almost all the girls around but not with this girl who helped him by lending her notes, practical note books and what not. She did not bother to consider his background before helping him out and never cared about the stories making the rounds about him until one day when he suddenly called her up for some doubt he was facing in his studies. She had not shared her number with him but he arranged it from somewhere. At first, she was suspicious about his intentions and questioned him about the same but then he convinced her that it was urgent to talk to her as exams were around the corner. Her parents got furious with her because of this but she still managed to help him out and refrained from hurting her parents’ sentiments too. But he had her number now. Time passed by and they both moved on to their respective colleges. She had actually enrolled in his college but he had to drop out to prepare for IIT and then ended up getting in HNLU Raipur for pursuing law. He kept in touch with her by wishing her on her birthdays every year and sometimes she would also wish him. During their study period, he tried to call her sometimes just so that he could talk to her. She always considered him as an old friend from school. But during her last year, he proposed to her and started taking interest in her likes and dislikes.

He pretended to be the kind of person who likes girls who have their own identity and are independent.

This is the one thing I assume every girl wants in a relationship as she wants her respect to be maintained even after marriage. Therefore, all his talks made her believe that he is the right person for her. The girl was under the impression that eight years of friendship can never betray her and not even for a second did his former playboy image bother her. She was convinced that he could not lie to her. Just before starting her job, she had to go back to her college to collect her documents. During this time, he forced her to stay with him. She was hesitant and refused the offer, but he got on the same train as her without even informing her. She thought he had come for her because he cared for her. Little did she know then what the future would have in store.

He did exactly what he used to do with the other girls he was with before her - use them for pleasure and then throw them away as if they were a piece of trash.

Well, after returning from the trip, he showed her his true colors. To her absolute horror, he was nothing like what he was pretending to be with her. On the contrary, he was a total jerk who was simply looking to increase his count. All those things that he said to her about respecting girls, were blatant lies.

He was basically a male chauvinistic pig who considered girls as a commodity and nothing more than that.

According to him, women exist only to inhabit a home and reproduce, their existence is good for nothing aside for sex, cooking and serving the family. He left no stone unturned to prove to her that she is not the right one for him. She would plead to him day and night but he had already got what he wanted from her in that trip, so he stopped answering her calls, texts or mails and gave her an ultimatum of two years to become the kind of girl he wanted her to be. She started working and the time passed too. But he never called or reverted to her.

One fine day, out of the blue, he called her after almost a year – when she was finally moving on. She told him that she could not stay in touch with him as there was nothing left between them. He told her that he just wanted to meet her one last time before everything was over. She did not want to meet him but somehow, he convinced her. Apparently, he wanted to talk it out so he insisted that she should visit him in his hotel room as there were some pictures and letters that he wanted to destroy in front of her.

She walked right into the trap set by him. A big blunder, she was now alone in his territory, and of course he treated her the way he wanted to. He was nothing but a monster who just wanted to take revenge because she had rejected him this time.

He was being so cruel that he had held her hostage by threatening to tell everything to her parents, to post all the pictures he has of hers on social media. He warned her that he would never let her be happy, that he would come back into her life whenever she gets married, to ruin everything. He had beaten her so badly that she was unable to lift her hand for days. There were marks of his fingers on her entire body. Thankfully, she could leave early morning the next day, when he was asleep. It has been two years since the dreadful incident and now she is back to leading her normal life.

But when she had come back that day, she seemed as finished as a corpse. She wouldn’t talk to anyone but just cry.

And even after all of this, he kept calling her and demanding her to meet, and threatened to tell everything to her family and send her pictures to them. Earlier, she was quite anxious about this, but then she confessed everything to her family and they supported her. They were ready to go to his house and talk to his parents who obviously did not know anything about all this, or maybe they did know. After all, a child’s first teacher is his/her mother. His father is a professor at NIT Raipur in the Physics department. I think that he is the one who has raised his son this way, because in every school fight he was ever involved in, his dad seemed to have his back. This gave him the freedom to do as he wills to whomever he pleases. My friend tried to reach out to his father to tell him all this, and she wrote quite a few letters to him. But, all her efforts were in vain. By writing this story here, I intend to voice the struggle of my friend and every other girl who has been suppressed, tortured and abused mercilessly. I also hope this serves as an eye opener to all those parents who raise their sons like this, and they end up becoming rapists and goons.

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