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He Raped Me And Now I'm Forced To Marry Him

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I am a simple girl from a small town in Rajasthan. I studied in an all-girls convent school. When I was 16, a boy from the neighbourhood approached me to be friends. I was naïve and scared and so, I politely denied.

But it hurt the guy’s ego and he started following me everywhere. He made it difficult for me to even step out of my house.

I was too afraid to tell my parents because I thought that they would scold me.

After a few months, he started calling me on my landline. He forced me to meet him and threatened to hurt my younger brother if I didn’t go.

Scared, I went to meet him. And it was a huge mistake.

He beat me up till I became unconscious. Then, he raped me.

He kept blackmailing and raping me for several months. I felt dirty and unworthy of anything. It pushed me into depression, as a result of which my grades in school started falling.

I even tried to end my life but my parents found out and managed to save me. Ultimately, I told them about everything I was going through.

I was expecting a scolding but they didn’t say anything, in fact, they supported me and helped me get over it.

During college, I met a guy who helped me gain back my confidence. He made me feel worthy of love again.

When he proposed to me, I accepted it as I was shattered and he seemed like the idea of love I had never had.

Soon, I completed my Masters from Karnataka and got placed in one of the biggest firms. We were about to get engaged when suddenly, he left me for someone else and I had no idea. He just vanished and abandoned me! This came as the biggest shock of my life.

But life had already shown me too many struggles and moving on was not that hard. I started preparing for the competitive exams and concentrated on my career. I didn’t want personal problems to define who I am.

My earlier problems had already hindered my growth and I wanted to make up for those lost years.

Around that time, I met another guy and we became best friends. I confided in him and he understood me like no one else.

He took it upon himself to keep me happy.

He was honest, gentle and grounded. The cherry on the cake was that he was intelligent and good-looking too. He loved me selflessly at my most vulnerable times. I developed feelings for him, which I’d never felt before.

I wanted to be with this guy until the end of my life.

But life isn't always fair. The guy who had once tortured me came back into my life with a marriage proposal. This made my parents very happy.

I tried hard to escape but seeing my parents happy, I agreed.

Now, I am getting married to him with no hopes for anything good to happen in life. My heart belongs to someone else but I can’t make my parents unhappy. I don’t know what to do.

Maybe, happiness is not for everyone.

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