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He Loves Me But He Cannot Get His Family To Accept Me Because Of My Faith

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I had just had a break up and I decided to try my luck on tinder. I spoke to many guys, but one specific guy got my attention. Not to mention though that I had swiped right on him by mistake but the way he spoke, he certainly got me intrigued and I was curious to know more about him. He lives in Dubai, so we had a long-distance thing going on. He sent me pictures of himself and his family members and he would tell me what he does in his day to day life.

Soon, he came to Mumbai to visit me and the day we first met, I instantly fell in love with him. I knew it was just a fling and most probably he didn't feel the same about me but I had such a lovely time with him. I didn't want him to go because I would miss him immensely. We kept talking via whatsapp all the time and he used to say he missed me too. Soon after that, I became his girlfriend as he confessed that he fell in love with me on the second day that he met me.

So it was just a day after I did. He took me to Rajkot with him for one of his brothers’ wedding. I went to Dubai to visit him that July. Then he came to Bombay too and we had a blast in Goa. Everything was going smoothly.

He seemed like the most caring guy I ever knew, he showed me what love means. He was everything I ever wanted in my man. We had endless conversations and told each other every single thing.

Although I always had this tiny doubt in the back of my mind that maybe his family being of a different religion than mine and them being conservative may create issues for us in the future. But every time I would tell my boyfriend about this, he would comfort me by saying that he would manage. He gave me hope and would say that he couldn't live without me. He even gifted me a cat, which I still have and oh I love her! So after Goa, he went back to Dubai and he just changed suddenly. He would say that he missed me so much that he couldn't take it, that he had a lot of work load and stress. He started getting irritated easily.

He'd say things like "you deserve better" and "my family won't accept you". Yet I would always be positive and I’d tell him not to give up. I would tell him that I will manage to fix it all. He went into minor depression at that point I guess, and I stayed put by his side. I always tried to be there for him. I became very calm, patient, and compassionate towards his situation, just so that he wouldn’t feel weak.

Soon after, he broke up with me one fine day by saying that he was losing out on things. He told me that his feelings for me were fading.

I cried so much then that I nearly fainted. I didn't know what to do. But he came back to me as soon as he found out that I fainted. He saw me crying on Skype and apologized. Things went back to normal again for a whole year but he kept saying to me “you can do better” and this used to hurt me so bad but I would try to smile through my pain. I went to Dubai to meet him and we celebrated our one-year anniversary there.

It was all so perfect. He even cried when I was leaving.

Soon after that, I got to know that he was coming to Mumbai for some acting course which his family was quite against but he managed. When he came here, I was seeing him every day. Few days passed by just like this. He even fell ill on one of those days, and I was there by his side all day, taking care of him and giving him medicines on time. I didn't leave him alone for even a moment. But what happened next blew my mind.

We had just woken up, and I heard someone calling out my boyfriend's name. It happened to be one of his relatives who saw us together in his house. He told us that the entire family knew what was going on and they wanted my boyfriend to return immediately.

We tried to convince that relative of his but it didn't make a difference as he was adamant on questioning us. My boyfriend went back to Dubai the very next day. He was shattered because now he couldn't pursue his acting course either. Two days later, he was made to break up with me. His family told him that he can't marry me because of our differences in faith. I cannot begin to explain how heartbroken I was. He cannot go against his family or else they will boycott him and he cannot do this to his mother. Even today we still talk to each other and say, ‘I love you’ to each other sometimes. We both miss being together and often have arguments due to insecurities. Months have passed since the incident and rumors about me have spread like wildfire.

His family back in Dubai looks down on my character. They claim that I'm a gold digger who brainwashed their son for his money when in reality, it is them talking rubbish about me to him. I heard that he barely took a stand for me.

Deep down, I guess I always knew that he wouldn’t fight for me when it comes down to it but I always believed that he loved me. They are now looking for prospective brides for him. I know that it is too late but I cannot seem to move on since I have given him my all. I cannot imagine how hurt I will be the day he marries someone else. I do not think I can ever fall in love again. This was it for me. I am scared for myself. There is a part of me that still believes that there is hope. I am praying for a miracle to happen, that his family stops judging me and accepts me for who I am. I am hoping I get a chance to talk to someone from his family about this.

If my dream to be with him forever, ever comes true, I will be the happiest girl alive.

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