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He Dragged Me By The Neck And Forced Me Until I Apologized To His Mother

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My husband is a well-educated engineer working with an MNC. He has over 8 years of work experience and an outgoing personality, which has introduced him to different kinds of people over the years.

Given all his qualities, I never thought he would come to exhibit such crass and utterly inhumane behavior in just 7 months of our marriage.

Within the very first month of our marriage, minor disagreements between us led him to drag me by my hand and throw me out of 'his' house (both he and his mother made it very clear that it was 'their' house) in the middle of the night without money or my cell phone.

Moreover, his mother and he had the audacity and the indecency to tell my parents utterly humiliating and disrespectful lies about me just to put them down and make them beg to treat me better.

When asked why they threw me out of the house, his mother’s first statement was, “Woh to 20 din me 15 baar ghar se bhaag gayi. Raat me chali jati hai subah wapas aati hai.” (In 20 days, she ran away from home 15 times. She goes at night and returns in the morning)

After that one incident, it became a regular cycle. Every few days both mother and son would abuse me by saying things I never imagined in my scariest dreams let alone hearing them from my husband. The abuses were followed by threats to leave 'their' house immediately.

During one such instance, when I was crying after being abused, my husband held me by my neck and asked me to fold my hands, put my head down on his mother’s feet and apologize.

Till date I don’t know what I apologized for but I did.

What had I done to her? In fact, they were the ones abusing me.

I kept dealing with their insensitivity and inhumane behavior for the sake of saving my marriage.

But in the process, I am left with a constant reminder of all the horrible things that the two of them have said and done to me, disgracing my family and me to the core.

They never apologized but always expected my family and me to bow down.

Their pile of lies kept increasing and the humiliation became unbearable at one point. These 7 months have been the darkest period of my life.

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