Everyone Loves My Sister-In-Law More Because She Has Kids And I Don't

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 26 August, 2017

 I have struggled throughout my life. My dad passed away while I was in school, leaving us to grow up all by ourselves. My brother and I struggled and managed to get a good job. I am a chartered accountant and worked at a dream company. I was happy with my life and job.

Then one day my mother decided to get me married. I got a very nice husband and we both were happy in our marriage. My husband's younger brother got married 6 months later. When his wife came, she started creating problems in the family. So my husband decided to move to the USA. He got an offer from the company and we moved here.

It's been 6 years since we moved to USA. When my husband would ask his brother to move to the US, his wife would say no.

Meanwhile, during all these years, she had two children while I didn’t have any. Gradually, her importance increased within the family because she had children and I didn’t.

Now after all these years, all of a sudden, my brother-in-law wants to move to US because his wife is pressuring him. My husband has been trying his best to make that happen but it just isn’t working out.

Due to this, she has become so jealous that she does not leave a single chance to abuse me and my husband. A couple of months back we visited India and she created so many issues for us. She even asked my husband to divorce me, else she will go away with the kids.

For everything, she will just hide behind her kids and would threaten that she will leave and take away the kids with her. Now my husband, his brother and his wife are childhood friends. My husband will never take my side because he trusts her too much. I am left all alone because of her.

Nobody is willing to listen me. My husband is ready to leave me because if I go, it will only be one person leaving the family, while if she goes, it will be three people leaving. I just don't understand what is my fault. What I should do. Where should I go?

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