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Dear Mother-In-Law: You Forced Your Son To Get Married To Me And Now This

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear Mother in Law,

The story of my life began with a phone call from your husband, my father-in-law to my dad for a marriage proposal for your son. After seeing your son's profile, his education and job accomplishments I was so impressed that I said yes to the proposal.

Your son didn't like me much but you pursued our marriage anyway. I came to your house and there you insulted me in all the ways you could and not only me, you left no stones unturned to insult my parents either.

I did everything in order to be an ideal bahu but my every effort went in vein. You did not like anything about me, right from the food I made, which was never good, to all the cleanliness that I never kept. You never accepted me as part of your family. I am just a servant you brought home for free.

I am sorry, I'm not only for free, you have taken money also to get a servant. With all the household chores and office work that I am managing, there is always a fear in my mind that what will come out of your mouth next. After I am back from office, you and father-in-law have to spend all the time in my room, on my bed, with my husband and I am not even supposed to sit in that room.

The more I tried to be a part of your family, the more you humiliated me in front of everyone. You even called my parents to complain about me, I don't know about what. You have a problem with everything I do.

I am thankful to God that your son is a gentlemen and has always taken care of me in the best possible way. He is the man of my dreams. You never liked the fact that my husband gave me a little importance and involved me in all his decisions. And now that he is not doing what you want from him, you have started saying bad things about him too.

He is also not your ideal son anymore, suddenly.

I don't understand what you want from us. Your own daughter left her house just after a few months of her marriage and you kept her with you for the last 10 years and you are teaching me how to take care of my family.

You are a home breaker. A mother who has broken her own daughter's home and before teaching me something, you should teach your own daughter.

Yours faithfully,

Your (forced) daughter-in-law.

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