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Dear, Please Stop Torturing Me And My Mom: I'm Never Going To Find A Groom Through You And It's Okay

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*For representational purpose only.

I know you're constantly trying hard to help your customers. I always see your advertisement on television-

It says, "Jiski tumhe talash hai, woh tumhe dhoondh raha hai."

And you suggest that all of us single Indian people on a hunt should sit back and relax. Fair enough. I don't know your success rate but what I do know is that I beg to differ with the tagline of your ad. Sadly, you're not really helping me. Here are a few basic issues that make it extremely difficult to find a bride or a groom on your platform.

Horoscope: Indian parents are paranoid about matching horoscopes. They cannot think beyond that point and you help them! Yes I am a manglik, but is it my fault that I was born at that particular time in that particular region? Will a person marrying me die just because I was born at a wrong time? I don't know, but from your experience maybe you can answer my questions.

Expectations don't match: I understand that everyone has his or her expectations, even I do. But every good person I have shortlisted till date has declined my request:

ZVAY3003- Profile managed by Parent
ZVSX8607- Profile managed by Parent

Age: Well, even if guys are old, they are ready to marry very young girls. But the parents don't want their sons to marry older women. I have been blessed with genes that make me look 10 years younger than my real age but I don't know what my other female friends have to say about this. I'm sure there are other more mature women who are "less fortunate" in this area.

Well, in such a stereotypical society the challenge that you have picked up to solve our problems will not help anyone until you change the attitude of the people. And I'm sorry, your tagline doesn't help! Well, I am fine by myself. But my mother thinks that by enrolling, I can "be found" in a matter of a few months. Would be great if this could be conveyed through your advertisement too. I am not looking for any special services.

Kindly don't call my mom and torture her to take up services that she absolutely doesn't need. Just wondering if you can do anything about the kind of problems I mentioned before. It's making my life with my parents a bit too difficult.

Kyunki, in my case may be, "Mein jise dhoondh rahi hoon, uske mata peeta uske liye kisi aur ko dhoondh rahe hai. And I don't know ki woh kise dhoondh raha hai."

Thank you for your time. 

Someone's Manglik Soon-to-be (or not?).

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