As A Chubby Tamilian Girl, These Are The Ridiculous Reasons Why I'm Not Exactly "Marriage Material"

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 30 June, 2017

I am a very naughty and chubby girl from Chennai. And I mean very chubby. They say I am a woman now, not a girl.

Being a Tamilian and an Indian, I can have only three levels of "accomplishments"- first is education, that makes me qualified for everything and anything; second is work, which means I start my day with domestic chores, end my day with domestic chores, and earn a living in the middle; third is marriage, so I can be wedded to any decent man other than the one I choose.

Education has become a saving grace in the marriage market. The turn-offs guys usually have is height and weight-related. Guys do better even if they are plus sized. But try being a plus sized girl? It is hell. Height and weight put us in two separate categories in the marriage market- "marriage ready" and "not the exact material". Can we please, please talk about not being the "exact material"?


Despite being pretty, most plus sized girls are expected to be a slave of their imposed misfortunes. But in reality, they are not! They are more brave, bold, and clear-headed. But so what if they have such good qualities? They are still plus sized no? 

Chubby girls also get noticed on the marriage market, okay? And they don't mind getting rejected actually, but here is the horrifying question bank that leads to the rejection- What is your height? Oho, but you look a little chubby? By the way, any health issue, ma? Then how do you work (I think this one is to find out if you're mobile or an immovable piece of junk)? 

So if the questions have not made you feel like a bag of crap already, here is the excellent concluding remark: "She looks pretty but she will look more beautiful if she reduces few kgs," before saying a direct 'No'. 

Marriage is secondary. Suppose you are in a public place, chubby girls still make heads turn and people do fall for them (not trying to brag). At first, everything will seem like rainbows and butterflies on a spring field. Then either before or after being proposed to, the following doubts will come off- "You are chubby now only, how will you look after marriage?" I will not get surgery and change my looks no? I will look the same!  


"But, but," he will say, "This friend said this, that friend said that!" and finally he will say "What if my family rejects?" Better reject him yourself, I tell you. Call it 'passive rejection'.

However, if the chubby person only proposes. it will become active rejection. You will not get rejected based on smartness, cuteness, or goodness. You will still get rejected only because you are fat, but in soft, polished statements. In the end, you will end up thinking that your life would have been better without this experience.

Even though you give it your fullest, you don't receive a single peanut in return. Nobody is going to be the same throughout. What if one day fat people become thinner, or so-called "hotter"? What if hot people become dumb? Can we start rejecting people for being fat, dark, and ugly on the inside?

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