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Mr. Prime Minister, I Hope This Letter Reaches You Just In Time

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Kuch to log Kahenge, Logon ka kaam hai Kehna

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I hope this reaches you, and you get to know that we, the people of India, stand by you in every step you are taking and will take in the future.

As the mother of a child, I understand. I want to tell you that I understand how difficult it is to take care of children and raise them, giving the right direction in life.

And here you stand, with all of us, taking care of over 135 crore children. How well you are trying to keep these children united. I understand, and I know how many sleepless nights you might be having these days, just thinking that what you could do to take the nation to come out of this outbreak.

I understand how difficult it is to stay strong when the people for whom you are giving these sleepless nights thinking that you are against them, and when they say there is a hidden agenda behind whatever you say, it must be difficult to digest. But, I want to tell you that please don’t lose hope. We are there with you.

We will not step out of our houses until you ask us to do so. We will not let the people around us disobey your words. We will not go out until you tell us that it is safe and now we are free to move around.

When the parents are harsh to their kids, that does not mean they don’t love them. But they want to make the kids understand the difference between right and wrong.

I know, I know, that when you announced the lockdown, it would have been the last option left. I know that you are aware of the fact that how the economy of the country will suffer after this. I know that your priority is to save the lives of 135 crore children of the country rather than giving importance to the economy. I know you have done a lot to bring your children back home from different countries. I know you are doing a lot for the daily wage earners of society. I know you have given your best to bring the migrants back to their hometown.

I know how painful it would have been for you to see thousands of migrant workers leave their places of work for no reason and risking their lives. I know that for you ringing the bells and claps was a way to make us feel united at this difficult hour when we are focussing on social distancing.

I know that the lighting of candles and torches will not help us get rid of the virus, but it would make us feel that we are not alone. Don’t upset yourself. Don't upset yourself if thousands of the workers were on roads feeling that it is the end of the world and they wish to die with their relatives. Don’t upset yourself that few people in the country want to make this lockdown a failure. Don’t bother yourself seeing a few people not obeying the instructions of social distancing given by you.

A few months later, when our country would be free of the coronavirus, nobody would remember this, other than these people who did not follow what you said. When the sunshine will come after this dense darkness, your efforts will be noticed by the world.

The world will see our nation with shining bright eyes. I believe in the fact that the lockdown had to be sudden. I am with you when you did not give time to the people while announcing the lockdown. I believe that the people who wish to go against you will do anything to prove you wrong. But please don’t lose hope.

The nation is seeing you as a fatherly figure. Yes, it's true that some of your children/countrymen don’t follow your ideologies, but there are many who do. They follow you. They believe in the fact that you would help them fight this. They believe that you would make them feel proud. They believe that you would make the nation proud.

I want to conclude this letter by saying, "Kuch to log kahenge, Logon kaa kaam hai kehnaa; Choro bekaar ki baaton mein, kahin bach naa jaaye Corona.”

Thank you for giving us hope to survive this pandemic. United, we stand as a nation.

With a lot of love, hope and respect in my heart,

A mother waiting to see her child play freely again. 

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