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10 Beautiful Ways In Which Jawaharlal Nehru Destroyed Our Country Forever

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It was foretold when you were born that you'll be a demon to the nation, and you proved the prophesy right in so many more ways than one:

1. You split the country into pieces


You will always be the villain sir, for killing so many of our countrymen year after year. It is well known that the ego tussle between you and Jinnah of who would be the Prime Minister was the main cause behind the partitioned India. To hasten the independence and to ensure that you were the Prime Minister, Nehru jee you accepted a deal from Mountbatten. How could you?

2. How I wish you had loved your country more than you'd loved Edwina

Nehru 3


I believe Englishmen would call you a lot of colorful words for the affair you continued with Lady Mountbatten. Maybe Mountbatten just took out his frustrations with you on the country. Thank you.

3. You crossed all your limits by spying on Netaji's family for no less than 20 years

Nehru 7


Well, it seems like your insecurity knew no bounds when you set your sleuths upon the family of the then missing Subhash Chandra Bose and collected a ton of Information. You didn't have brains, but we all know you had a heart and a very big one indeed (if you know what I mean). Still?

4. You were so modest that you decided for yourself that you deserved a Nobel prize

Nehru 8


Our so-called 'Father of the nation' didn't get a Nobel prize for electing a prune like yourself as our Prime Minister and you, on the other hand, presented yourself Bharat Ratna. I mean seriously, you were the first Prime Minister of India and what an example you set for your successors by awarding yourself the Highest civil Honor instituted by your own government. You didn’t even bother waiting for it. You put your name into the second lot as soon as the awards were instituted. Well done sir, India needs to feel proud!

5. Sired “THE DYNASTY”

Nehru 9


Well sir, your son in law was against you but you ensured succession through your daughter and India still pays the price. You were indeed a gem and the biggest mistake India or Bapu could've made.

6. You trusted China

Nehru China


I mean who trusts the Chinese, even today you don’t buy a Chinese product because it is trustworthy, you buy it because it is cheap. You went off on the great tangent of Panchsheel and were in your own glorious world of Indo-China Behen Behen and in the end, you lost a chunk of our territory to China. It's needless to say we're STILL paying the prize.

7. And your ineffective dealing of the Kashmir Issue

Nehru 10


Instead of sorting the matter out with Pakistan either by force or through talks, you decided to drag the issue into the International theatre and ensured that the issue kept burning to this date.

8. Non institution of a uniform civil code

nehru constituent assembly e1441701877219


The Hindu code implemented by you and Ambedkar pretty much set the precedent for everyone to seek out their own code. Exactly why we're fighting like cats and dogs today.

9. And the linguistic state division. What were you thinking — Divide and rule?

Nehru 11


Well since the states were divided using language as a base, we see the states divided even more today as India still simmers.

10. Finally, your operation Polo

Nehru 12


Well sir you pretty much presided over the first massacre in Independent India as you ignored what happened in the Hyderabad State. One, Pandit Sunderlal Committee Report said that the riots that followed Operation polo in which the Indian armed forces presided over and took active participation in butchery — the conservative estimates of the death toll was around 27000- 40000. So you were a murderer too. I rest my case right here.


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