Let's Face It

Cure cancer, climb Mt. Everest, or maybe just lose a few pounds. When life gets you down and you've got s*** to do, pull your chin up.

Author in on 22 October, 2016

Bakkar. Chai. Sutta

If it's on your mind, it's on our mind. We don't expect them to agree with everything we say, but we'll say it anyway.

Author in on 22 October, 2016

Your Story

Whether it's an experience that changed you completely or something that scarred you for life, tell us, we're all ears.

Author in on 22 October, 2016

Life Is Tough

A wallet that's a little too light, a love life that teethers on non-existence, or a mother that nags too much. Yeah life is tough AF but we'll get there!

Author in on 22 October, 2016

Dirty Picture

Flowers mingling, necks sweating, toes twitching, that's not sex. Can we talk about the real deal now?

Author in on 22 October, 2016

Culture Shock

No holding hands, no hugging, and no kissing in public. Your parents don't have sex and neither do you. We have big hearts and small minds, welcome to India's love story.

Diksha D in on 24 October, 2016