If You Wear Short Skirts For Any Of These Reasons, You Should STOP Now

Ashwini Murthy Ashwini Murthy in Fashion Ki Dukaan on 10 March, 2017

Isn’t it the perfect weather for sundresses, shorts and skirts? I mean, who wants to cover up head to toe when it’s all nice and warm outside. So, I decided to take my favourite white frilly skirt from the basement of my wardrobe and tried it on. It ended 2 inches above my knee. The perfect skirt to fall under the short-skirt category. I was twirling around in front of the mirror, living in my whimsical little world where nothing ever goes wrong and consent is common-sense.

What snapped me back to reality was the sound of somebody clicking their tongue in disapproval.

Enter: My conservatively-brought-up gem of a mother. Not that she was judging me. It’s just because she was looking out for me, trying to keep her little daughter safe from the big bad world. And I remembered something. I remembered why my favourite skirt has never been worn, ever. It has just been lying there, collecting dust, for the past 3 years. So much for being my favourite skirt, right? So why did I not wear it?

My perfect little skirt was also the perfect invitation for skirt-shaming.

Short skirts are like Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poetry. It has a lot of meanings associated with it. Multiple interpretations. At least the latter’s interpretations are beautiful and don't make your blood boil. So, let me help you in breaking down a few interpretations of short skirts. I’ll tell you what all a short skirt isn’t.

A short skirt isn’t a green signal for you to hit on her. A short skirt isn’t a sign that she’s okay with cat-calling. A short skirt doesn’t mean you have to tell her how fine her butt looks. A short skirt doesn’t mean she is a sexual predator and it certainly doesn’t mean she’s giving you a free pass to grope her.

Wearing a short skirt doesn’t make a feminist any less of a feminist. A short skirt doesn’t make her characterless. Spoiler alert, misogynists! The length of a woman’s skirt isn’t directly proportional to her integrity. Actually, it has absolutely nothing to do with a woman’s character. If she wears a short skirt, it doesn’t mean she’s asking for ‘it’. (Unless ‘it’ means you leaving her alone).


A short skirt doesn’t mean she’s easy or she’s a slut. Just because she’s wearing a short skirt, it doesn’t mean you can force yourself on her. The fact that a person has to explain that a short skirt isn’t an invitation to rape is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is the fact that this explanation is happening in the 21st century.

I’ll tell you what a short skirt is. A short skirt is a sign that the woman wants to wear a bloody short skirt! It’s a skirt and not an open-ended question. There are no hidden meanings. It’s a skirt, not a debate. There is no question of character. It’s a skirt, and certainly not your opinion.

Also, I tell you what? Watch this and #ShaveYourOpinion.

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