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You Were Not Just My Childhood Sweetheart. You Were My One True Love.

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I am a girl who is confident. I have a wonderful family and very supportive parents, and I have been through a lot in my life.

I know everyone goes through all this in life but for me, it is a lot to handle because am just 17.

When I was 13, I fell in love with a guy. We dated for nearly 5 months and were really happy with each other. I did not tell anything about this to my parents but he made me believe that he would always stand by my side no matter what happened.

We surely had ups and downs, but we were still going strong. I thought we would never be apart, but then life started torturing us. He soon broke up with me without even telling a reason. I was totally shattered, but my friends never left me alone. They helped me move on.

With time, I made other guy friends. I thought I will soon forget him, but I could not put anyone else above him. I had to fake all my feelings towards others. I had to show my friends that I don't love him anymore. I had to maintain the trust in them, but I couldn't take those feelings for long.

One day I just hugged my friend hard, sobbed on her shoulder and told her how much I love him. She promised me that one she will make sure that he would come back to me.

A few months later, she was proven right. He did come back to me. Only this time, it was difficult for me to trust him again. But still, I loved him a lot. So I agreed to be with him and we were in a relationship again. It made me for happy. I thought that this time, nothing would go wrong. We were happy with each other. We had no physical relationship.

Ours was a pure love at the age of 14. Sweet and simple, with lots of hope.

He always made me smile. He’d never let a drop of tear let out from my eyes. I was really happy with him But soon, things went south. We reduced talking to each other. We reduced sharing things and started Keeping secrets from each other. Before we knew it, we broke up again.

Though I knew it would happen again, it hurt me so much this time that I will never be able to trust another guy. Even today, I love him a lot.

Now I am 17; it’s been 5 years since I started having feelings for him. I still feel the same way about him but I will never be able to trust another guy nor will be able to love anyone else. Even if I get married to some other person, I won't be able to give him what he deserves.

Though my friends have always supported me through all this, they joined different colleges, and left me all alone as time passed by. They think I fake everything. They think I lie to them. They think I overreact to small things. They think I act stupid, but they never understood that this is my normal behaviour.

Everyone has just left me all alone with time. But my parents have always supported me. They now know everything that happened in the past and they will never let me down.

I am really lucky to have such amazing parents. So thank you, mom and dad!

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