You Don't Need Idols For Inspiration. Sometimes, You Just Have To Listen To The Next Person.

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 23 May, 2017

It was a Monday morning. I was at the market to shop for some veggies and soup packets. I paid my bill but the shopkeeper did not have enough change. I asked him to give me some chocolates instead.

I returned home and the day was going quite well until I had an argument with my best friend. I was very annoyed, so I decided to head to my favourite place at the Banglore highway. This place isn’t very crowded and is renowned for its amazing tea. There was yet some time for the sun to set. Since it was peak traffic time, the road was packed with vehicles and people were honking continuously. I decided to wait by the side of the road and let the traffic ease. 

While I was sitting there, I observed some kids playing and I remembered that I could surprise them with those chocolates that I had brought from the market.

I went and waved at them and they were surprised to see me there. The surprise on their faces turned to smiles when they saw the chocolates I brought for them. Each one of them agreed upon having one chocolate each in their mutual discussion. I saw that the traffic was reducing and I decided to leave. As I moved in the direction of my ride, I felt tiny fingers holding on imploring me to stay. There was a 3-year-old kid asking me to stay and play. They insisted and I just couldn't refuse.  The fun and games lasted for another hour. When I was done I asked them about where they lived and they pointed to a small hut. I was tired and thirsty. So, I peeked inside the house where I found an old lady sitting by the stove. She came to know it was me and without even turning her head to look at me she asked me to come inside. 

I went in, she handed me a glass of water and in and asked me whether I would fancy a cup of tea. I refused. The lady seemed to be quite old and weary. I was about to leave but something about her made me want to stay. I could not control myself and I asked her where she was from. There was a pause, and then she asked me, "Meri kahani sunogi?" and I happily answered “Zaroor!”

She said she was from Wai, a small town in the Satara district. When I asked her about her family, she looked at the kids playing outside and said, “They are my only family. My husband is a retired postman. My son and daughter-in-law left us a while back and I don't even know whether they are alive."

A little taken aback, I asked her "What about these kids then?". She said I am just 65 and I have the strength and will to take good care of them by myself. Her husband drinks regularly so when it is their school time, they live with their grandfather but when it comes to vacations, she takes all these kids and travels to distant lands.

She told me that her life is not easy and neither would be the life of these kids later on, so to inculcate the values of welcoming and adapting to change, she does not reside at a place for more than 15 days. The lady said that change is permanent and you shouldn't let it affect you. When she travels with them, she lives near places that are crowded during the day like signals and highways. She cleans the vehicles which helps her make some money.

I was in awe of this old lady. When the day started, I could not have imagined that I will meet one of the strongest-willed personalities I have ever known by such a twist of fate.

"A strong woman is the one who remains calm when she is under fire. 
She loves abundantly, even if in return, all she gets is empty words
She is the one who hardens herself in the flames of brutality
She thrives in the storms of disregard and disrespect and is yet so firm
And who is more or less like the oak, with an indestructible surface though her roots are shattered! "

I couldn’t hold back the tears in my eyes when I listened to the story of her life. I was overwhelmed by the respect and inspiration I felt. To have such immense courage in the face of her circumstances was a life lesson that I will never forget.

While leaving, I tried to touch her feet but she didn't let me. She just hugged me and greeted me as her own. That moment MADE MY DAY. On very rare occasions, you come across people who just touch the inner core of your heart and enlighten up your life unknowingly!

Editor's Note:

Life has its way of springing up surprises. There are experiences and connections that you could have not planned even if you tried that can happen if we allow life that opportunity.

The Author met an inspiring soul almost purely by accident and it created a memory that will last a lifetime. Do you have such a story of your own? Tell us! In the meantime, Share This Story!