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You Can Save The World When You And I Lift Us Up

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"Correction does much, but encouragement does more." – Von Goethe

We live in a world full of darkness and mean people, so if we do not start spreading kindness and love, we are doomed. Consider it a long-standing warning. Each one of us wants to be right, and maybe there is nothing wrong with that, but when you use all your power simply in proving others wrong and yourself right, then there is a problem. We stop focusing on doing our work and we waste time to criticize people around us. What purpose does this serve and what does it say about you? See the irony. Even when they don't want to hear it, you're forcing them to listen to what bothers you and what you don't like about them.

But why? They did something that is against your books, but if that didn't hurt anybody then keep your goddamn opinion to yourself. Your expertise is an irritation if comes without asking.

Correct if someone says 2+2=5, but don't correct when someone says 3+2=5 and you believe 2+2+1=5. Correct them when they're wrong factually, not when they do something in a way which is different than yours. On social media, different people share different kinds of things, and you may find some posts amusing, some may anger you, and you may love some, but then again do not put your hatred out in the world just for the difference of opinions. Nobody asked you to be the judge and give a verdict. Be kind. You can never be too kind to someone.

"We have survived so many fires, I can no longer tell if we are alive or simply burning." – Pavana Reddy

Make this world a better place by helping one person at a time. If you see a soul suffering, help them. Reach out to them. People have a hard time believing someone's good intention, they might be afraid of you at first, but you've got to be persistent and help them regardless. Little do you know, kindness goes a long way and always returns multiplied. Your little help can greatly heal the struggling soul. The impact of your simple gestures could actually change someone’s perspective and make his/her life a little better than before.

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