You Can Leave Me But You Can't Take Our Future Away From Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 31 March, 2018

Dear Ex,

In all these years, the one thing I had longed for the most was for your love. But, today this has changed, and it has taken a complete 360° turn. Today, I asked you to hate me. For the last 10 years that we were together, nothing mattered to me more than your love.

You were my life, my happiness, my courage and my light. You had held my hand for so long that I could no longer balance myself without you holding me.

I believed in all the promises you made, all the dreams you showed me. I cared for nothing else when you were with me and believed in everything you said. I fought with everyone including my parents so that our love could be accepted. I went along with our dream to prepare for civil services. I have always been doing good in my studies till now. But, today you suddenly left my hand for a better life for yourself. I am left behind as I have no job yet and because I don't belong to the place your parents wish your wife to be from.

To me, you were a part of me and I never felt that there was any difference between us. Hot sun, heavy rainfall, freezing cold, nothing mattered when you were beside me.

When you left my hand, I begged you not to leave me, not because I am a weak girl, but because to me nothing was more important than our love. Even though you cut my heart into pieces, it kept looking for you. And, I no longer know whom this heart belongs to. But, today this bitterness has become my strength. Whenever, I think of the good memories we spent and the love you gave me, my heart cries and I spend sleepless nights with lights off and my pillows soaked with tears. But, whenever I think of the pain you have inflicted on me, I spend the nights burning the oil and striving for the dream we have always dreamt of. Sorry, now it’s no longer "ours", it is only "mine" now.

So, please hate me now, so that I can work harder towards my goal and bring back my heart to its rightful owner, myself.
Yours truly, The girl who was once a part of your being.
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