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Yes, It Happened: I Found My Fairy Tale Love Story On That Train Journey

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It was a usual train journey which unusually changed my life forever. I was travelling from Delhi to Jalandhar, and I was woken up by the buzzing sound of my phone. It was a notification from a matrimonial app, my profile was liked by a prospective groom. I opened his profile and it was love at first sight. I saw this macho guy with a moustache and glares on, he wore a blue shirt and white pants.  I fell in love with his picture, then a series of messages started exchanging between us. We continued talking on chat and messages for the next 10-12 days and then we decided to meet in Delhi. I was waiting for him at one of the cafes in Connaught place, he came and we sat, and suddenly we kissed.

That kiss was the best kiss of my life, I can never forget it. I looked at him while kissing and he looked like a baby. There was just love and pure love in his eyes for me, it was our first meeting that day, the date was 16th December, 2017.

We met again on 24th December and we decided to spend a whole day together. We booked a hotel room, I reached early and was waiting for him in the room. The doorbell rang, he entered and we instantly started kissing madly, it was like all the love was pouring out from our hearts for each other. We were in each other's arms and that was the moment when he proposed me for marriage. It was totally unexpected for me as everything was happening so fast. I had found the love of my life in him. I agreed instantly and it was our blissful moment of love.

At night, we crossed all limits and broke all the barriers, we made love to each other. We have submissively exchanged our souls.

 The next day, we told our respective families about each other. He was a Manglik and I was not so initially our families revolted and love is powerful enough to win all wars and ours did, too. Our families agreed to meet, he went to Dubai on 9th January on an official tour and throughout his stay in Dubai, we were constantly in touch. We got to know each other more and fell in love more and more. He came back on 31st January, my family met him at his home on 4th February, and both families liked each other. Finally, his family came to my place on 11th February, to meet me and on 13th February, we were engaged. From 11th December to 13th February I felt like I was living in a dream.

I met the man of my life, he is my strength and my source of power. He is mine and I am his for forever, it was a journey of love, a journey to remember. Kiran, you are the love of my life, I love you so so much!  

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