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Why Quitting My Job And Going Back To College Was The Worst Decision Of My Life

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I was happy, confident and successful until the day I decided to quit my job and go back to college.

When I broke up with my boyfriend sometime back, I thought a change in environment will help me move on and so I resigned and got myself enrolled in a vocational girls college. Contrary to what I had thought; it was a nightmare.

Within a few days of joining, I had found my group of friends. I was beginning to feel better, more confident and loved when things suddenly changed. The very people I called my friends got jealous of my success and began to bully me.

I slowly drifted away as I became the centre of all their jokes and insults.

I thought getting myself busy would make things okay and so I started working as an intern but to my horror, these girls got hired at the same place as interns too. I was so scared every day; I dreaded each moment because I did not know when they will do it again. And then it happened.

One day I was having lunch alone and I saw them coming towards me. I froze as she slapped and kicked me right on my uterus. I was on my period then and I completely blacked out. I saw myself transform from a confident young lady into an introvert who lived every minute in fear. I cried for days before I could finally muster the courage to tell my sister what had happened. 

It’s been 5 months and no action has been taken against them. Even though I am beginning to get my confidence back, I sometimes wish I had the courage back then to get up and hit her right where she hit me, only harder.

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