I Started Hating Video Games When I Was 8 For A Reason I Want To Talk About

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 11 April, 2017

Video games- something that kids get extremely excited about, a thing that brings back childhood memories for some adults, make me feel disgusting and loathsome. It's not that I don't know how to play it or use it; the game springs back grey memories of an incident that affected me a lot during my childhood days.

I must be 8 years old then and I used to play with a girl named Maya in our locality who had shifted recently to live with her grandmother. I don’t remember seeing her parents (I think she had lost them) but I remember meeting her brother (all grown up- somewhere in his late 20s) who used to visit her once or twice in a month.

I clearly remember him picking us girls up in his arms in the pretext of swaying us around, but it was not what we thought.

So this one fine day, she called us over to play a video game at her place, which her brother had brought. It was three of us (me and two other small girls of the same age) and my little 5-year-old brother who came to play with us. Somehow something happened, which I do not remember now, and my friends had to leave and it was just me, my brother, Maya and her brother. Finally, after playing and spending time with them I stood up to go back home along with my brother.

As soon as we reached the exit door, Maya’s brother came along to apparently close the door. He did close it, but without letting us (me and my brother) go. I still clearly remember those lustful eyes looking at me, walking towards me and my brother and us standing there motionless in order to process and understand what was actually happening.

He came towards me, held me from behind and asked me to kiss him on his lips. I obviously said no and the next thing I remember is his hands trailing down there. I started crying and looked at my brother who obviously didn’t understand a thing. I was looking at him, wanting him to understand I needed help but he was too young and naïve to understand what his sister was trying to say.

I hit him on his hand and said something like, "I will tell my mom and ran." He stood there smiling, without even a hint of shame in his eyes.

I told her everything to my mom and grandmother. Both of them were extremely supportive, my mom took me to his place only to realize that he had left and she discussed everything with Maya’s grandmother and asked me to stay away from Maya and her family.

She loved me even more after what I shared with her and told me to talk to her if I saw him ever again or if something like that happened again in my life.


Author's Note:

I know this is just a small incident, girls out there have been through much worse than this, but today I have mustered the courage to write about this because I think it’s important to talk. Talk to anybody you feel comfortable with, tell your parents, teachers, siblings or anybody you feel will understand and help. And parents- trust your kids, believe them and create a space where they can come and talk. I love my mom for believing in me; supporting me and helping me come out of this. Please put an end to this shameless act, give back to those who think it’s normal to molest small girls. It might be a small incident for you f******, it means a lifetime for some of us.